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Bed Bug Removal

Bedbugs are everywhere these days. If you haven’t had an encounter with them yet; be thankful!

Bed Bug Removal is serious business and must be done thoroughly in order to make sure they don’t come back.

It is true bedbugs are awful, but looking for the right solution to rid yourself of these pests can be even worse. If you have started looking online, you will find an endless list of options for bedbug control.

My advice would be to take a step back before you start spending money and talk to a professional. There are many pest problems most can take care of themselves; this is NOT one of them.

Regardless of the treatment you decide on, there are three factors that are key to the success of your treatment.

  1. Proper and thorough preparation.

  2. Finding the right person to treat the bedbugs, NOT based on the company.

  3. Having the right treatment.

Caraway Pest Control, LLC. will guide you through the bed bug removal preparation process.

We will give you tips and offer solutions to create the best treatment environment possible. We even offer the service of prepping your home for you if needed. In addition, we will give you 24 HR direct access to your assigned technician in the days leading up to your service for any questions that come up.

Direct access to your bed bug removal technician is very important.

This access will allow you to be able to speak with your technician so that they can communicate with you exactly what they need to happen to make the treatment successful. Furthermore; it allows you to be comfortable with the person treating your home. This process isn’t fun to pay for; make sure you are comfortable with who you are paying.

Finally, you have to get the right bed bug treatment.

There are a ton of bed bug companies out there that will offer you heating, freezing, chemicals, dogs, and the list goes on. All of them have their place in the industry but not necessarily for every job.

Caraway Pest Control, LLC. will offer you the absolute best treatment for your scenario. Knowing which bud bug treatment type to use is the key to Caraway Pest Control’s success.

Remember, the objective is to be rid of the blood-suckers. We will preform a treatment that fits your budget that will rid you of any bedbug problems. We have access to all treatment methods and will utilize them to best fit your scenario. Our work is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Bedbugs are awful not because they destroy your home or transmit some crazy disease, but because they rob you of your peace and serenity. Anyone who has had bedbugs will tell you the worst part is you just can’t get comfortable at home.  You are constantly worried and thinking about these little blood-sucking bugs crawling on you. (Stop Itching)

Here’s a couple facts about bedbugs:

Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Removal Services

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEANLINESS. I have seen bedbugs in 5 million dollar homes with housekeepers down to the one you have to lean to the side to get through the front door. Bedbugs don't care a thing about where or how you live.

BEDBUGS DO NOT TRANSMIT DISEASES. To date, there has been no documented proof that these bugs can pass disease.

BEDBUGS ARE STOWAWAYS. They will crawl onto your clothing, or get onto your purse, furniture, luggage...ANYTHING. When you get up or move something, the bedbugs are going too and you will most likely not even be aware. If you get them, its not your fault; you just got ``lucky.``

BEDBUGS SCATTER AROUND. If you see a bedbug on your mattress, chances are there are more around. Once they fill up on what is called a bloodmeal (sucking your blood) they will go hide for a period usually from 7 to 10 days to process that meal and reproduce. Then they will go looking for another meal.

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