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Pest Control

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Houston

Quarterly Pest Service is our most popular service for our residential customers. Our technician will treat around the inside baseboards, under sinks, in closets, and anywhere else pests may hide in your home. Next we will treat the outside perimeter of your home with our high velocity ULV misters. This portion of the treatment will cover the outside walls of your home, and reach high up into the eaves to help keep out high flying pests like the American Roaches everyone loves. In addition to putting a barrier on the house, we will also treat the up to 10′ out the adjacent shrubs, landscaping, and turf. This treatment usually lasts around 60 days…by the 90th day it’s definitely time for service!

Bi-Monthly, Monthly, and Quarterly services available depending on your needs for both Residential and Commercial Accounts

Prices for service differ depending on size of home, size of lot, and pests you want treated. When it is time for service we will call and email you a reminder to set an appointment. We will NOT show up and charge you for service without you scheduling an appointment.

Treating Your Yard For Bugs

Yard Treatments: Most yard treatments are only $59 at time of quarterly service! This treatment can be targeted for fleas, spiders, ants, and even mosquitoes. Yard treatments not during regular service start at only $95

A Mosquito Fogging Service can be added to any treatment. Most are only $59!

Although I would like to keep your services forever, we do NOT have contracts for service. Ongoing and One-Time services available. Discounts are given to customers who use our quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly pest control service.

We strive to hire and train the absolute best in our industry. Treatment methods will change as the industry evolves and as new products become available.

If you ever feel less then 100% Satisfaction from our services, please contact us immediately so that we can address any issue that may arise.

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