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Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment Services Houston

Most everyone living in Texas have heard of termites. Many have had first hand experience with the destruction termites can cause.

Termites are nature’s recyclers. They consume dead wood and take it back into the ground. It has been said that the populations of termites are twice that of ants in a given acre in southeast Texas.

There are several different types of termites that we may encounter.

  1. Eastern Subterranean (Most Common)
  2. Formosan (Most Aggressive)
  3. Drywood
  4. Dampwood

While Termites are active all year long, many become aware of an infestation during the Spring and Summer months due to what is called a “Swarm”. Swarms occur when termite colonies  reach a mature size and split in order to create new colonies. People often confuse these termite swarmer as “winged ants.”

Commercial Termite Services

Commercial Properties such as dock-high warehouse space, high-rise, free-standing, apartment complexes, and HOA buildings (ie. pool houses, club houses) are just as susceptible to termites as any other structure in Texas.

The Caraway Termite Warranty Program offers businesses the protection they need without spending thousands of dollars! Our Termite Certified Technician will come out and inspect your property two times a year for active subterranean termites.

Notations and recommendations for the structure regarding conducive conditions will be made in writing and presented to the proper person over-seeing the property.

If ACTIVE termites are found, the infestation will be Spot Treated killing all active termites localized in the area.

The treatment in included in the program cost. The cost of this program starts at $175 per service!

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